Sneak Preview: OUTRAGE (Takeshi Kitano, 2010)

Event Date: November 29, 2011 - 7:30pm

Location: The James Bridges Theater, Melnitz Hall 1409, UCLA

From the Director of Melnitz Movies, Samuel B. Prime:

OUTRAGE is a return to form for celebrated Japanese actor/director Takeshi Kitano. While he made his name with stories of hard-boiled cops and ruthless yakuza in VIOLENT COP (1989) and BOILING POINT (1990), Kitano has since pursued mostly non-violent, non-crime-oriented narratives. His return to the genre, his first "crime film" since BROTHER (2001), marks a certain sentimentality for the old days and a willingness to appease fans with "classic Kitano."


In a ruthless battle for power, several yakuza clans vie for the favor of their head family in the Japanese underworld. The rival bosses seek to rise through the ranks by scheming and making allegiances sworn over saké. Long-time yakuza Otomo has seen his kind go from elaborate body tattoos and severed fingertips to becoming important players on the stock market. Theirs is a never-ending struggle to end up on top, or at least survive, in a corrupt world where there are no heroes but constant betrayal and vengeance.

Co-Presented by the Terasaki Center for Japanese Studies

Official Selection, Cannes Film Festival
Official Selection, AFI FEST
Official Selection, San Francisco International Film Festival
Official Selection, Melbourne International Film Festival

“As violent, amoral and misanthropic as a Jacobean play, Outrage is Takeshi Kitano's first yakuza flick since Brother (2000), and arguably his best film in a decade.” –Maggie Lee, The Hollywood Reporter

“When it comes to the gangster film few have ever done it better than Kitano and with Outrage he is absolutely back in peak form” –Todd Brown, Twitch

CAST: Takeshi Kitano, Jun Kunimura, Ryo Kase, Renji Ishibashi, Kippei Shiina
Magnet Releasing
35mm, 109 min.

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