Alumni Guest Programmer: Alex Cox - LONELY ARE THE BRAVE / EXECUTIVE ACTION (David Miller, 1962 / 1973)

Event Date: February 24, 2012 - 6:30pm

Location: The James Bridges Theater, Melnitz Hall 1409, UCLA

Melnitz Movies is proud to present a double feature of classic films programmed from the UCLA Film & Television Archive by our Alumni Guest Programmer, filmmaker Alex Cox (SID & NANCY, REPO MAN).

Please note: Due to a sudden illness, filmmaker, UCLA alumnus, and guest programmer Alex Cox will be unable to attend this event.

The double feature, however, will continue as originally planned.


Jack Burns (Kirk Douglas) is a cowboy who is ill at ease with the modern world of the early 1960s. He rolls his own smokes and cuts through fences when they are in his path. He carries no ID, not even the requisite draft card. He is on a collision course with the world around him. When he learns that his best friend has been jailed for helping illegal aliens he gets himself arrested so he can break his friend out. When his friend refuses to become a fugitive, Burns breaks out on his own and sets off a manhunt.

“Beautifully acted by a superb cast, it's a gripping, elegiac movie, imbued with a very real nostalgia for a vanished world.” –Time Out Film Guide

“And as this leathery derelict, a man not about to mark time on a dude ranch or stop at fences, Mr. Douglas is superbly convincing—a shrewd if not overly bright hero. David Miller's disciplined, keen direction indicates real understanding of the picture's heart, soul and humor, all stemming from one of Dalton Trumbo's finest scripts.” –The New York Times

“The performances are strong. Matthau and Gena Rowlands are particularly memorable. But it is Douglas' film. He is a great screen actor, and exerts his presence and believability in the role of the man who wants to keep his soul free. The director David Miller never did anything better, and although it was not particularly successful at the box office, it has come to be regarded as one of the American classics of the 1960s.” –George Perry, BBC

Director: David Miller
Writers: Dalton Trumbo (screenplay), Edward Abbey (novel)
Starring: Kirk Douglas, Gena Rowlands, Walter Mathau, Michael Kane, Carroll O’Connor, William Schallert, George Kennedy
Universal Pictures
35mm, 107 min.

Print courtesy of the UCLA Film & Television Archive


This fictionalized docudrama posits that a covert group of rouge intelligence agents, ultraconservative politicians, unscrupulously greedy business interests, and mercenaries conspired to assassinate President John F. Kennedy after becoming increasingly alarmed at his policies, both foreign and domestic. They decide to terminate him through an “executive action,” utilizing two teams of well-trained snipers during JFK’s visit to Dallas and place the blame on supposed CIA operative Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone assassin.

“You may have your mind made up about what happened in Dallas; any way it – or any anomalous situation – is looked at, there’s no disputing the importance of always asking questions. [EXECUTIVE ACTION] does just that, and with considerable skill.” –Collin Armstrong, Twitch Film

Director: David Miller
Writers: Dalton Trumbo (screenplay), Donald Freed and Mark Lane (story)
Starring: Burt Lancaster, Robert Ryan, Will Geer
National General Pictures
35mm, 91 min.

Print courtesy of Warner Bros. Studios

Please note the early start time for this program, which begins at 6:30PM.

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