LA Premiere: LIFE WITHOUT PRINCIPLE (Johnnie To, 2011)

Event Date: March 8, 2012 - 7:30pm

Location: The James Bridges Theater, Melnitz Hall 1409, UCLA

An ordinary bank teller turned financial analyst is forced to sell high risk securities to her customers in order to meet her sales target. A small-time thug delves into the futures index hoping to earn easy money to post bail for a buddy in trouble with the law. A straight-arrow Police inspector who has always enjoyed his middle income lifestyle is suddenly desperate for money when his wife puts a down payment on a luxury flat she can’t afford and his dying father wants him to look after a young half-sister he never knew he had.

Three little people who are in dire need of money for the predicaments in their respective lives have nothing in common until a bag of stolen money worth five million dollars forces them into making soul searching decisions about right and wrong and everything in between.

Co-sponsored by the UCLA Center for Chinese Studies

Official Selection, Venice International Film Festival
Official Selection, Toronto International Film Festival
Official Selection, San Sebastián International Film Festival
Official Selection, Vancouver International Film Festival
Official Selection, Mar del Plata International Film Festival
Official Selection, !F Istanbul AFM International Independent Film Festival

“Relentless and exciting” –Noel Murray, The A.V. Club

“Johnnie To’s LIFE WITHOUT PRINCIPLE is a riveting thriller that examines the human components on the subject of money and its effects on people when the going gets tough.” –Gabriel Chong,

“LIFE WITHOUT PRINCIPLE is a carefully crafted film that can work anywhere, but I'm glad Johnnie To got to it first, and provided one thought-provoking and gripping film that is wonderfully contemporary. Certainly one of the best films of the year.” –Stephan S., A Nutshell Review

“It’s Denise Ho’s intense performance as Teresa, though, that is most impressive about the picture: she manages to get across all the pain of being forced to do something immoral to keep her job, and watching her coax an elderly client into a high-risk investment that she doesn’t understand is heartbreaking…A great film.” - Justin Viiret, Heroic Cinema

Director: Johnnie To
Writers: Au Kin-yee, Wong King Fai, Milkyway Creative Team
Starring: Denise Ho, Lau Ching-Wan, Richie Ren, Lo Hoi-Pang, Philip Keung, Myolie Wu, Ken Lo
The Indomina Group
35mm, 107 min.

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