Sneak Preview: CARRÉ BLANC (Jean-Baptiste Léonetti, 2011)

Event Date: April 5, 2012 - 7:30pm

Location: The James Bridges Theater, Melnitz Hall 1409, UCLA

Co-sponsored by the French Film & TV Office, Consulate General of France in Los Angeles, join us for a Q&A with Jean-Baptiste Leonetti and exec. producer Camille Havard Bourdon!

A suicide survivor works for a nameless corporation, where he puts other employees through series of bizarre performance tests in this dystopian, Tarkovsky-esque sci-fi and surreal dark fantasy, with flashes of dark humor and deep emotion.

A young boy ekes out an existence with his mother in an austere, unidentified city where loudspeakers make strange announcements and proclamations, a rapidly declining population resides in grim high-rises and the weak are killed and likely used for meat. In the wake of a suicide attempt, the boy undergoes a harsh rehabilitation in a state-run school. When we next see him, he’s a productive adult member of society (Sami Bouajila), estranged from his wife (Julie Gayet) and working for a nameless organization, where he puts other employees through a series of humiliating and bizarre performance tests.

CARRÉ BLANC’s cold, corporate world and atmosphere of impotent rage evoke the best of Orwell and Kafka. Making his feature debut, writer-director Jean-Baptiste Léonetti doesn’t provide easy answers regarding this infernal world in which there is no escape from the watchful eye of a cruel state, where nets surround apartment buildings to catch the frequent jumpers and people have, apparently, stopped having children — or have begun to hide them.

Official Selection, Toronto International Film Festival
Official Selection, AFI FEST
Official Selection, Stockholm International Film Festival

“A nearly flawless film, one that rewards every bit as much as it challenges, CARRÉ BLANC is quite simply one of the very best of the year and an introduction to an astounding new talent.” –Todd Brown, Twitch Film

“Filmmaker Jean-Baptiste Leonetti…has deftly crafted a bold and tense new take on a world ruined and remade… An assured debut feature.” –Kate Erbland, Film School Rejects

“It presents us with a sharply crafted world, defined primarily through great imagery...the mood of it all is oppressive, but endlessly intriguing... After the film was over, I was wishing I could spend more time in that world to learn as much as possible about it.” –Corey Atad

Writer/Director: Jean-Baptiste Léonetti
Starring: Sami Bouajila, Julie Gayet, Jean-Pierre Andréani, Carlos Leal, Dominique Paturel, Fejria Deliba
Solair Films
35mm, 77 min.

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