LA Premiere: BAD FEVER (Dustin Guy Defa, 2010)

Event Date: April 10, 2012 - 7:30pm

Location: The James Bridges Theater, Melnitz Hall 1409, UCLA

Eddie (Kentucker Audley) is a twenty-something loner whose primary goal in life is to one day take the stage at the local comedy club. He spends most of his free time speaking into a handheld recorder, practicing “jokes” (more like monologues without a punch line) and reflecting on his day-to-day life. He is so inept at social interaction that his conversations with others frequently mirror his conversations with himself – they are free-form, nearly incomprehensible, and at times so formally worded that one gets the impression that his only concept of language comes from books or movies rather than from other people. His life is thrown into a tailspin when he begins a quasi-romantic relationship with a drifter named Irene (Eleonore Hendricks) that soon becomes the dominant focus of his life. But Irene is just as broken as he is and brings her own set of issues to the table, and Eddie’s tenderness and fragility make him an easy target for manipulation.

Join us for a post-show Q&A with writer/director Dustin Guy Defa, moderated by Melnitz Movies Director Samuel B. Prime.

Just added: Special secret bonus short film to follow Q&A!

Official Selection, SXSW Film Festival

“Exceptionally well acted, directed, and edited (by David Lowery), BAD FEVER beats with a serious heart and burns with a frustrated soul.” –Michael Tully, Filmmaker Magazine

“Defa exerts delicate control over his incendiary material and evokes emotional terrors with a sympathetic directness; his raw-toned drama is quietly hectic and brutally poignant.” –Richard Brody, The New Yorker

“From its opening white-letters-on-red-background credit sequence to its diligent focus on a wayward loner drifting about the outskirts of society and sanity, BAD FEVER has the empathetic soul of '70s American filmmaking.” –Nick Schager, Village Voice

Writer/Director: Dustin Guy Defa
Starring: Kentucker Audley, Eleonore Hendricks, Annette Wright, Allison Baar, Duane Stephens, Dustin Guy Defa, Hayward Buchanan, Scott Parisi
Factory 25 Releasing
Blu-Ray, 77 min.

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