Lunch & Librarians: It's Not Just for Editors Anymore!

Event Date: May 22, 2012 - 1:00pm

Location: GSA Media Studio, 138 Kerckhoff Hall

Reusing your own articles in your dissertation or thesis? Do you need help with permissions? Marty Brennan, UCLA Copyright and Licensing Librarian, and Courtney Hoffner, UCLA Science and Engineering Librarian, in student-friendly Kerckhoff Hall to answer your questions about permissions in the electronic filing environment and many others ...

Are you allowed to publish that still from Lady Gaga's latest video?

Is your dissertation or thesis about to go viral now that it's electronic? Who can read it and when?

Yay! You're getting published! But, what are your rights when you sign an author agreement?

What is Open Access and why should you care?

You created it, but is it your syllabus?

Angela Riggio, Head of Digital Collections Services, is back for our bi-monthly Lunch & Librarians drop-in office hour for graduate students, and she's bringing reinforcements—more librarians!

Do you have questions about--

    • dissertations and theses?
    • the Library's electronic resources?
    • Creative Commons and Open Access?
    • your rights to what you use and create when you teach?
    • what permissions you need to embed resources in your work?

Mark your calendars

    May 22: Marty Brennan and Courtney Hoffner
    June 7: Angela and Lisa Federer

No appointments are needed. This is a chance for you to chat informally with experts and get answers to questions as you wrap up the school year.

Download a printable copy of the flier here

For more information, contact:

Stacey Meeker, Director of GSA Publications


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