Issues in Applied Linguistics 18.2: Proceedings of the Linguistic Diversity Conference (Summer 2010)

November 4, 2011 - 8:00am

"A little over a year ago, graduate students and faculty from the department of Applied Linguistics at the University of California at Los Angeles took the admirable initiative to organize a conference to respond to the polemic Wall Street Journal publication (Jordan, 2010), regarding the Arizona Department of Education’s request to school districts in that state to dismiss English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers who spoke “ungrammatical” or “accented” English. A number of factors contribute to the very controversial nature of this issue, requiring the careful evaluation and response from all relevant stakeholders."

"In the spirit of contributing even in a small scale to the discussion and promulgation of this important theme, Issues in Applied Linguistics agreed to dedicate one of its issues to the proceedings of the Linguistic Diversity Conference, which took place in the Summer of 2010. It is our hope that the articles included in these pages reach all realms of educational settings in order to raise awareness amongst not only educators, but policy makers, students, parents, and school administrators."

Bahiyyih L. Hardacre (from "Editorial," Issues in Applied Linguistics 18:2)

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Hardacre, Bahiyyih L.

Conference Proceedings

Languages, Identities, and Accents: Perspectives from the 2010 Linguistic Diversity Conference
Anya, Uju; Avineri, Netta; Carris, Lauren; Valencia, Valeria

The Practice of Theory in the Language Classroom
Norton, Bonny

More than Just a Hammer: Building Linguistic Toolkits
Orellana, Marjorie; Lee, Clifford; Martínez, Danny

Social Issues in Applied Linguistics: Linguistic Diversity in the Classroom and Beyond. Is it Wrong or Just Different? Indigenous Spanish in Mexico
Pellicer, Dora

Looking Within and Beyond: An on-the-Ground Account of Arizona Teachers’ Implementation of the Four-Hour English Language Development Model
Peer, Karisa; Pérez, Karla

Speaking from Experience
Yokoyama, Olga

Who’s “Unintelligible”? The Perceiver’s Role
Lindemann, Stephanie

Grammar, Pronunciation, or Something Else? Native Japanese Speakers’ Judgments of “Native-Like” Speech
Ajioka, Mayumi

Language Assessment as a System: Best Practices, Stakeholders, Models, and Testimonials
Avineri, Netta; Londe, Zsuzsa; Hardacre, Bahiyyih; Carris, Lauren; So, Youngsoon; Majidpour, Mostafa

Visit the site of the inaugural conference Linguistic Diversity in American Classrooms August 14-15, 2010

Visit the site of today's conference Language and Migration, the UCLA Department of Applied Linguistics' 2nd Annual Public Conference on November 4, 2011 at UCLA

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