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December 5, 2011

"The current editorial board of Crossroads of Language, Interaction and Culture is proud to present work by advanced graduate students and emerging scholars. Volume 8 of Crossroads includes selected proceedings from the 2010 CLIC GSA at UCLA and the 2009 LISO at UCSB sister conferences. It also presents an interview with a long-time CLIC GSA at UCLA supporter and CLIC associated faculty member, Frederick Erickson."
"In line with our research traditions at CLIC and LISO, this collection draws from naturally-occurring human social interactions and applies interpretive methods of ethnography and well as conversation, multi-modal and talk-in-interaction analysis. The authors investigate the linguistic and social practices of speakers of Swahili, Korean and Dutch and link these to issues of identity, interaction and power. Frederick Erickson not only gives a personal account of his role in the emergence of discourse analysis, he also offers advice to the next generation of researchers who, like us, are captivated with the dynamic interplay of language and sociality as it is expressed by real people in everyday moments. We hope that you enjoy this volume as much as we have enjoyed putting it together for you."

Gail Fox Adams, Laura Amador, Chi-hua Hsiao, Sarah Jean Johnson, Ni Eng Lim, and Ekaterina Moore ("Editorial," Crossroads of Language, Interaction, and Culture 8.1)

Available online at eScholarship and in print through UC Press


Gail Fox Adams, Laura Amador, Chi-hua Hsiao, Sarah Jean Johnson, Ni Eng Lim, Ekaterina Moore

“And the winner is…”: Hierarchies of Language Competence and Fashion Sense in Tanzanian Beauty Pageants
Sabrina Billings

Collaborative Unit Construction in Korean: Pivot Turns
Hee Ju

The Coordination of Talk and Typing in Police Interrogations
Tessa van Charldorp

A Pioneer in the Use of Video for the Study of Human Social Interaction: A Talk with Frederick Erickson
Sarah Jean Johnson & Laura Amador


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