Ethnomusicology Review: New Issue, New Name, Same Mission!

December 23, 2011 - 3:00pm

Now in its 27th year, the Pacific Review of Ethnomusicology has been renamed and reconfigured as the Ethnomusicology Review, a "multimodal" (Shorter, 2011) Open Access journal.

Begun in 1984 with just a few editors and a typewriter, EMR now maintains an extensive editorial board and publishes interdisciplinary music research in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and other languages on a case-by-case basis.

Moving beyond the constraints of print journals, our online format allows authors to rethink how they use media to present their argument and data. We encourage submissions that make use of video, audio, color photographs, and interactive media. Our journal is enhanced behind the scenes by adhering to OAI metadata protocols and being indexed worldwide by major scholarly indexing services. EMR is a journal for the 21st century!

Our annual journal publication is now accompanied by research and fieldwork blogs from around the world...Ethnomusicology Review is an Open Access journal generously funded by GSA Publications at UCLA.

(From "Ethnomusicology Review," Accessed December 23, 2011).

Table of Contents:Volume 16 (2011)

Edited by Nolan Warden, Logan Clark, Jessie Vallejo, and Andrew Pettit

A New Era for the Journal
by Nolan Warden et al.

On Multimodal Scholarship
by David Shorter

"General Generations": An Archival Collaboration with A Tribe Called Red
by A Tribe Called Red (DJ NDN, DJ Shub, & Bear Witness) and Nolan Warden

File Under "Import": Musical Distortion, Exoticism, and Authenticité in Congotronics
by David Font-Navarrete

"So, They Aren't Always this Angelic?" An Ethnographic Study on Being and Becoming an All Saints Choirboy
by Maria Guarino

The Fox Trot in Guatemala: Cosmopolitan Nationalism among Ladinos
by Andrés Amado

Music in the "Sudeten-German" Expulsion
by Ulrike Präger

Gender Wayang on Piano: How an Expert Solves the Problem
by Rita di Ghent

Colonization's Chain: Tracing the Links That Bond Communities Through the Delaware Skin Dance
by Susan Taffe Reed

Birds of Fire: Jazz, Rock, Funk, and the Creation of Fusion
Reviewed by Alex Rodriguez

Sonic Warfare: Sound, Affect, and the Ecology of Fear
Reviewed by Kevin Blankenship

Woody Guthrie: American Radical
Reviewed by Scott Linford

Female Voices from an Ewe Dance-drumming Community in Ghana: Our Music Has Become a Divine Spirit
Reviewed by Katherine Stufelbeam

Salsa Macabra
Reviewed by Noraliz Ruiz

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