GSA Forum Places Referendum on Spring Elections Ballot

April 6, 2012 - 9:00pm

The following slides were presented to GSA Forum at its Week 9 meeting during Winter quarter. At that meeting, GSA Forum voted to place a referendum on the spring ballot. The slides show the rationale behind the referendum and provide information about what the referendum would do. Some slides have been slightly modified from the Forum presentation for clarity and readability. Elections will take place April 17-23 via MyUCLA. Click here to view the slides.

Proposed Referendum Language:

Shall Article I, Section C of the constitution of the Graduate Students
Association (GSA) be amended to include the following:

The mandatory fees collected from each graduate and professional student member of the GSA shall be increased by $5.00 per quarter (equivalent for semester graduate degree programs) to be distributed as follows: $1.75 for the Graduate Students Association central operations; $1.50 for the Graduate Writing Center; $0.50 to the Academic Councils; and the mandated $1.25 return to aid for graduate and professional students. The increase in fees will be as of Fall Quarter 2012 and will not include the summer sessions. All fees collected for GSA, the Graduate Writing Center and the Academic Councils will be tied to inflation subject to the United States Consumer Price Index (CPI) adjustment every three years.


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