Educational Resources

GSA is committed to advocating for both the quality of life and quality of education for all graduate and professional students. One area that we have focused efforts has been in terms of educational resources with Textbooks and UCLA Libraries.


GSA has four graduate and professional students who represent on the student majority led ASUCLA Board of Directors. An initiative that they have continued to work on this year has been expanding textbook options to save graduate and professional students money. The Board has worked hard with ASUCLA to develop the following programs for students:

Match pricing from another store or commercial online site

Purchase your textbooks from the UCLA Store Ackerman, the Lu Valle Commons Store, the Health Sciences Store or in order to participate. If you find the same textbook (same ISBN and edition), new condition only, in stock at any local bookstore or commercial website, bring your UCLA Store receipt and verification of the lower price offered for a refund the difference. Online sites must be located in the United States and exclude peer-to-peer, auction, and marketplace sites, such as Amazon Marketplace, eBay, and This is subject to price verification at time of price match transaction. Customer must present current competitor's ad or printout of online price. Price matching must be completed before the refund deadline (Friday of Week 2), in store only. International and instructor editions excluded. Online quotes must be from a business, not an individual, and be in stock. See bookstore for complete details.

Lowered textbook prices

Associated Students UCLA and the UCLA Store continue to pursue the goal of bringing lower textbook prices to UCLA students. The first Board of Directors initiative resulted in a $250,000 reduction in textbook prices for the 2006-07 academic year. At the end of the 2007-08 academic year, the ASUCLA Board of Directors voted to lower textbooks costs $400,000 for the following year. As the 2008-09 ASUCLA Board of Directors took office the discussion continued, and it was agreed that textbook costs are a top priority. The 08-09 Board voted to lower textbook prices even more--an additional $250,000 resulting in a collective savings to students of $650,000.

Textbook Rentals

Students can save up to 60% when you rent your textbook. Based upon your instructor's commitment to use the same textbook a number of times, your textbook options may include rental. Faculty are aware of the costs of higher education, and by using the same textbook for a minimum of four quarters, we are able to offer a rental option. This is the best option for those who will not keep their textbook for their personal collection or do not want to participate in buyback. Rental books remain property of the UCLA Store and must be returned to the Buyback office in Ackerman Union or at the customer service counter at Lu Valle Commons and the Health Sciences Store. Rental books must be returned to the same store where you rented them by the Monday following finals week. Late fees may apply. Marking and highlights must be kept to a minimum. Available to full time UCLA students only. If not returned, the student must pay a replacement fee, the difference between the rental fee and new textbook price, or a hold may be placed on the student's records. Rental options are not available online, however we will post a list of Rental titles available in the UCLA Store for each quarter.

e-Book option

E-Books are sold at up to 40% off the new textbook list price. As ASUCLA continues to expand selection of titles, look for the shelf tags in the store to see if your textbook has an e-Book option.


GSA also has a graduate student representative on the Committee on Library and Scholarly Communications (COLASC). Thus far, the committee has met twice. Much of the first meeting focused on a detailed report from the University Librarian, Mr. Gary E. Strong. Mr. Strong elaborated on the financial difficulties UCLA faces and their potential affects on university libraries. Mr. Strong clarified that there is an urgent need to save on property expenses, namely on maintenance of library facilitates and collections. At the moment, the two libraries that are most likely to be affected from the financial crisis are the Art Library and the Chemistry Collection. It is possible that they will be either moved for another facility or minimized in one way or another.

COLASC representative Nadav G. Molchadsky met with Mr. Michael Iyanaga, who is the president of the Arts & Architecture Students Council, to get a better sense of the functions of the Artis Library for graduate students. He was informed of a petition to save the library that to date has collected over 3,950 signatures. In addition to meeting with the president of the Arts & Architecture, COLASC representative Molchadshy plans to get more information on the Chemistry Collection services to graduate students.

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