The 2009-10 academic year has proven to be one filled with budget turmoil for the state, University of California, UCLA, and its graduate and professional students. Last year, the UC Board of Regents voted to increase educational fees across the board, for the 7th consecutive year. Resident graduate students are now paying more than twice (in real dollars) what we were paying in just six years ago in 2003.

There have been a host of numbers and statistics being thrown around as to what the quantifiable impact on the state's lack of support has been to UCLA. GSA has sifted through the data and put together a coherent and comprehensive summary that will allow all graduate students to be properly informed of all the relevant information. Please see:

GSA Regental Platform

In preparation or the Regents meeting GSA launches the "Debt for Degree" poster series to highlight the skyrocketing fees graduate and professional students are faced with at UCLA.

Learn more about the "Debt for Degree" poster series by visiting GSA's media center at:

Following the Launch of poster campaign, GSA External Vice President Miguel Lopez delivered to President Mark Yudof and Vice President for Student Affairs Judy K. Sakaki, UCLA Graduate Students Association (GSA) President Jamal Madni joined Vice President Netta Avineri, Vice President Ryan Roberts, and Vice President Miguel Lopez to announce the GSA platform for the November UC Regents meeting.

President Jamal Madni presented this platform during the public comment session. He said, “Quality of and opportunity for graduate education are essential priorities for UCLA. By not increasing graduate student fees, the UC administration will benefit the quality, performance and brand of the university in both the near and long term.” For platform please see:


Following his last State of the State address, Governor Schwarzenegger unveiled his first draft of the 2010-11 Governors Budget Friday January 8, 2010. As expected, on the heels of his proposed priority shift, many significant changes were presented. Over the coming months these items will be discussed, debated, and negotiated before a final budget is proposed and passed. In the meantime, below you will find a summary of the significant changes in funding for Higher Education and adjustments to the University of California. For now, these figures provide a starting point for the long discussions ahead before the anticipated Governors May Revision.

The summary can be found at:

In an effort to breakdown budget proposals, policy recommendations as well as long and complicated reports, GSA will be launching our 101 series Winter quarter. This pertinent information will be in the form of an annotated fact sheet. This series is intended to disseminate important data and information in an easy to understand and digestible way. The first project in our 101 series will be a Budget 101, followed by Funding 101 for Graduate of Professional Students.

“Talk to your Rep” Web Application

Building on UC Office of the President’s 10,000 email campaign, GSA is in the process of creating a “Talk to your Rep” web application that will allow graduate and professional students to easily send constituency letters, notes, and comments directly to individual UC Regents and state elected representatives. This will help facilitate our advocacy efforts by streamlining the process in which students can communicate and easily communicate directly with important University and State fiduciaries. This application is currently being developed and expected to launch before the Governor’s May Budget Revision is released and the last two UC Board of Regents meetings of the year.

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