For new and returning UCLA graduate and professional students, housing options could be a daunting task and the one of the most important decision following your intent to register and determining an advisor and chair for your thesis/dissertation.

In an effort to assist with UCLA graduate and professional student options, below you will find direct links to university owned housing:

For single graduate student housing or family housing application:

2009-2010 University Apartment Rates

Weyburn Terrace-Graduate Single Student Housing

Rates are for an annual contract ending May 31 or June 30
Unfurnished Furnished
Studio - One occupant $13,272 $13,632
Two-bedroom - 2 occupants $12,396 $12,756
Two-bedroom Townhome- 2 occupants $12,720 $13,080

University Apartments Graduate & Family Students Rates

Current Monthly Rates Keystone Mentone Apartments Rose Avenue Apartments University Village Apartments Venice Berry Apartments
Jr. One-bedroom n/a n/a n/a $1,012
One-bedroom $1,137-$1,194 $1,046 $1,099 $1,078
Two-bedroom, one bath n/a n/a $1,245 n/a
Two-bedroom, two bath $1,335-$1,435 $1,301-$1,465 $1,307 $1,351-$1,379
Three-bedroom, two bath n/a n/a $1,478 n/a

GSA Housing Initiatives

Graduate Housing Accountability Initiative: A year-long initiative to further analyze how UCLA Housing can be more efficient, organized and streamlined to maximize a quality experience for graduate students in university housing units. The Initiative resulted in the following successes, based on advocacy efforts with the Associate Vice Chancellor of Housing & Hospitality namely Web-based mechanisms for students to access various housing information in a more efficient manner (to be launched in Fall 2010), including:

  • Offer/Assignment Process: Develop a website where students/spouse/partner can login to see their apartment offer and accept their contract online.
  • Transfer Requests: Develop a website where current tenants can submit a request to transfer to a different type of apartment.
  • Rent Change: Develop a website to allow annual rent changes to be viewed online and track login to prove notification was received. Eliminate annual postage charges, printing of letterhead and envelopes that are currently used.
  • Waitlist View Site: Develop a website to allow for individual view of waitlist status..

UCLA Housing Price vs. Market Price Report

Internal Vice President Ryan Roberts coordinated staff support to successfully post previously non-publicly available record breaking down UCLA Housing Price vs. Market Price for all university housing units on a per square footage basis (currently UCLA Housing claims to provide 20-40% lower prices than the market price). To obtain a copy of the report please contact GSA staff at staff@gsa.asucla.ucla.edu or stop by the GSA Office at 316 Kerckoff Hall.

Fully-furnished Single Student Unit Project

Launched in Fall 2009, GSA successfully assisted UCLA housing in a statistical analysis on the feasibility of launching a pilot-program that will include a percentage of Weyburn Terrace units to be fully furnished at the price of an additional $30 per month per resident.

UA South Recreation Project

Teaming with UCLA Recreation, UCLA GSA worked to provide a $35,000 Sport-Court at the University Apartments South Complexes, so the children of parent graduate students will have the opportunity to further enjoy recreation and enhance their overall living experience. The Sport-Court consists of a softer surface on top of the concrete for children to play, as well as new state-of-the-art basketball hoops.

Housing Advocacy & Progress for Students (HAPS) Referendum

Successfully advocated for and passed referendum, which ensured that both the University Apartments South Residents' Association (UASRA) and Weyburn Terrace Residents' Association (WTRA) each have one voting delegate to GSA Forum, beginning in 2009-2010. This will ensure a formal mechanism by which to consistently disseminate information between GSA and the Housing Associations, which represent approximately 25% of all graduate students on campus.

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