Academic Senate Committees

This page contains a list and description of non-stipended academic senate committee positions to which the UCLA Graduate Students Association makes yearly appointments. All appointments listed here are made by the GSA Vice President of Academic Affairs. Appointments are made before the beginning of the academic year.


The Graduate Students Association (GSA) is currently recruiting graduate students to serve on 12 Academic Senate Committees. GSA representatives to the Academic Senate Committees have a unique opportunity to discuss a variety of issues that affect the entire campus community. Serving on these committees is an exceptional way to represent and advocate for graduate students and the campus as a whole.

**If you are interested in serving as a GSA representative to 1 of these Academic Senate Committees, please fill out the attached application form and provide the additional materials to Nicole Robinson, GSA Vice President of Academic Affairs ( no later than Monday, September 17, 2012 @ 5 pm.**

Total GSA representatives to Academic Senate Committees: 20

Committees on Academic Programs and Policies:

  1. Committee on Continuing and Community Education (CCCE) (1 GSA representative)
  2. Committee on Instruction & Technology (CIT) (1 GSA representative)
  3. Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics (1 GSA representative)
  4. Committee on International Education (CIE) (1 GSA representative)
  5. Committee on Teaching (1 GSA representative)
  6. Council on Planning and Budget (CPB) (2 GSA representatives)
  7. Graduate Council (GC) (4 GSA representatives)
  8. Undergraduate Council (UgC) (2 GSA representatives)

Committees on Educational Resources:

  1. Committee on Library and Scholarly Communications (COLASC) (1 GSA representative)
  2. Council on Research (COR) (1 representative)

Committees on the University Community:

  1. Academic Freedom Committee (2 GSA representatives)
  2. Committee on Diversity and Equal Opportunity (CODEO) (2 GSA representatives)
  3. Committee on Faculty Welfare (1 GSA representative)

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