Committee on Continuing and Community Education (CCCE)

  1. Membership: The committee consists of nine members, including one representative each from the Committee on Undergraduate Courses and Curricula and the Graduate Council, and the Dean of University Extension ex officio.
  2. Duties: The committee (l) advises the Chancellor on any matters referred to the committee or initiated by it concerning the educational and related budgetary and personnel policies of University Extension; (2) (a) advises departments, colleges, schools, the Graduate Council, and the Divisional
    Committee on Undergraduate Courses and Curricula with respect to University Extension courses and programs other than those offering credit toward a University of California degree; (b) conducts periodic program and policy reviews as are required to inform itself of the overall appropriateness and quality of University non-credit programs; and (c) prepares reports on the results of such reviews to the Chancellor, the Chair of the Senate and the Dean of University Extension; (3) advises University
    Extension on general policy, including such matters as: course and program establishment and disestablishment, criteria for appointment and retention of teaching staff, and acceptance of extramural support.
  3. Meeting Schedule: Meets twice per quarter.
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2012 - 2013 Committee Appointees
Lesley McBain: [Education]

  • Meeting minutes October 11, 2012
  • Meeting minutes November 8, 2012
  • Meeting minutes December 13, 2012

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