Committee on Faculty Welfare

  1. Membership: The committee consists of nine members, including the Chair of the Committee on University Emeriti and Pre-Retirement Relations.
  2. Duties:(l) The committee advises the Division and confers with administrative agencies on all matters involving the economic welfare of the faculty, including but not limited to the level of salaries, salary determination methodology, benefits, insurance, retirement, housing and conditions of employment. (2) In consultation with the Chair of the Division, the committee sets a calendar at the beginning of each academic year for the preparation of reports and studies to be presented to the
    Division, the University Faculty Welfare Committee and administrative agencies in time for appropriate consideration and implementation. (3) The committee files an annual report at the last meeting of the Legislative Assembly of the academic year which describes the current economic welfare of the faculty as set forth in Section B.l and makes proposals for studies and actions to improve that welfare. (4) To assist in carrying out its functions, the Committee may (a) appoint ad hoc committees of faculty members to make use of specialized knowledge and competence; and (b) with the approval of the Chair of the Division, employ such consultants as may be needed.
  3. Meeting Schedule: Meets monthly.
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2012 - 2013 Committee Appointees
Katherine Glover (Katie) : [Geography]

Fall Quarterly Report

  • Meeting minutes October 2, 2012
  • Meeting minutes November 6, 2012
  • Meeting minutes January 8, 2013

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