Graduate Council

  1. Membership: The Council is selected to give proper representation to the academic departments, colleges, professional schools, and interdepartmental programs that offer graduate curricula. The Council consists of 21 members: 20 appointed members, the Dean of the Graduate Division, ex officio, and 4 graduate students appointed in accordance with Bylaw 45. The chair is designated by the Committee on Committees.
  2. Duties: The Council (l) makes policy for graduate education at UCLA and discharges duties in accordance with the stipulations of Senate Bylaw 330. In exercising its functions under Senate Bylaw 330, the Council reports directly to the Legislative Assembly; (2) consistent with SBL 330, recommends to the Legislative Assembly graduate programs leading to new degrees; it also authorizes, supervises and regulates all graduate courses and graduate programs of instruction except such courses and programs as have been exempted by action of the Regents. In discharging this duty the Council shall maintain liaison with the Undergraduate Council; (3) periodically reviews and evaluates all graduate programs of study. If the Graduate Council judges after a review of a graduate program that it should be discontinued, procedures outlined in Appendix V shall be observed; (4) is delegated authority from the Los Angeles Division of the Academic Senate to recommend to the Coordinating Committee on Graduate Affairs (CCGA) proposals for (a) new graduate programs leading to existing degrees; and (b) new programs leading to graduate level Certificates; (5) appoints the Committees to administer the Interdepartmental Degree Programs; members shall serve for three years. In discharging this duty the Council shall formulate and approve written policies for the selection of the Administrative Committees and the Committee Chairs, and shall consult with the Executive Committee of the appropriate College or schools if an undergraduate degree is also offered by the Program.
  3. Meeting Schedule: Meets on alternate Fridays @ 2-4 pm.
  4. Note: Please note that all Graduate Council appointees must be available for the joint Graduate Council/Undergraduate Council Orientation on the Senate Review Process on Friday, September 25, @ 2 – 4 pm. In addition to attending Graduate Council meetings, the GSA appointees to this committee will also serve as the graduate student representative on 2-3 program reviews throughout the academic year.
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2012 - 2013 Committee Appointees
Nicole Robinson : [Italian]
Anna (Annie) Blomberg : [Public Affairs]
Margarita R. Salazar : [Education]
Lindy Burden Comstock : [Applied Linguistics]

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