Undergraduate Council (UgC)

  1. Membership: The Council is selected to give proper representation to the academic departments, colleges, professional schools, and interdepartmental programs that offer undergraduate curricula. The Council consists of 21 appointed members, the Provost of the College of Letters and Science and the chair and vice-chair of the Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Relations with Schools, ex officio, four undergraduate student representatives and two graduate student representatives, appointed in accordance with Bylaw 45.
  2. Duties: The Council (l) in consultation with the Faculties, or the Faculty Executive Committees, makes policy for undergraduate education at UCLA and advises the Chancellor on all matters pertaining to undergraduate education, including the implementation of Senate Regulation 638B
    (American History and Institutions Requirement); (2) recommends to the Legislative Assembly undergraduate programs leading to new degrees; authorizes, supervises, and regulates all undergraduate courses and programs of instruction and of preparatory education and may suspend or
    withdraw approval of undergraduate courses subject to appeal to the Legislative Assembly; and promotes academic enrichment and encourages educational diversity and innovation. In discharging these duties the Council shall maintain liaison with the Graduate Council and the Faculty Executive Committees; (3) acts for the Division in the approval of undergraduate majors and in the approval of discontinuation of sub-majors, including specializations, concentrations, and minors; (4) periodically
    reviews and evaluates all undergraduate programs of study and all programs of preparatory education in coordination with the Graduate Council. If the Council judges after review of a program that it should be discontinued, it may initiate proposals to that effect; in the case of discontinuation of undergraduate degree programs, procedures specified in Appendix V shall be observed; (5) on the recommendation of the Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Relations with Schools, determines standards and criteria for undergraduate admission in accordance with the provisions of Bylaw 311.C.l; and monitors campus procedures for recruitment, outreach, and informational services to schools; (6) sets standards for honors and recommends procedures for awards of undergraduate scholarships and unallocated prizes.
  3. Meeting Schedule: Meets on alternate Fridays @ 2 – 4 pm.
  4. Note: In addition to attending Undergraduate Council meetings, the GSA appointee to this committee will also serve as the graduate student representative on 2-3 program reviews throughout the academic year.
  5. Academic Senate Webpage Link: http://www.senate.ucla.edu/committees/ugc/

2012 - 2013 Committee Appointees
Micah Akuezue : makuezue@ucla.edu [Political Science]
Andrew R. Pollard : andrewpollard@ucla.edu [Civil & Environmental Engineering]

  • Meeting minutes October 21, 2012
  • Meeting minutes November 2, 2012
  • Meeting minutes December 7, 2012
  • Meeting minutes January 11, 2013

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