Engineering Graduate Student Association (EGSA): Engineering Council Resources

Departments Represented: Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

Council Roster

Executive Board

Louis Tse

Vice President Internal
James Che

Vice President External
Nancy Tseng

Simon Han

Events Director
Mrinal(Neil) Rath

Community Outreach
Harsha Kittur

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  1. Council Registration - paperwork that must be done by week 2 of Fall Quarter or any time during the year when Council officers or Forum representatives change.
  2. Council Budget Information
  3. Council Requisition and Reimbursement Process
  4. Requisition Checklist


According to GSA governing documents, Councils must follow certain governing procedures and keep certain records. These requirements are stated in the GSA Codes section 2 "Councils" and section 10 "Financial Policies." Council officers are responsible for becoming familiar with the GSA Constitution and Codes and making sure that Councils follow them. Some requirements are: having and following a Council Constitution (which must contain certain elements), meeting twice a quarter, keeping accurate meeting minutes and submitting them to the GSA office, as well as being responsible for the Council budget, Council financial records, and approving and processing all Council and departmental expenditures.

Departmental chapters of GSA are responsible for selecting departmental representative(s) to their Council, and Council officers are responsible for contacting and informing departmental representives of Council meeting times. (Departmental Student Affairs officers should also be contacted for help in locating departmental representatives.) It is the responsibility of Councils, especially outgoing officers and departmental representatives, to ensure a smooth transition from one academic year to the next. Departments who do not participate in the Council process may lose their portion of funds.

Registration Process:

Councils need to meet by week 2 of Fall Quarter in order to select officers, Forum delegates, and complete Steps A & B of the registration process. These steps must be completed BEFORE the first GSA Forum meeting (Wednesday of Week 3, Fall quarter) because Councils will not have seated Forum delegates with voting rights until Steps A & B are completed. Councils who do not maintain consistent attendance at GSA Forum may lose access to Council funds.


The Signatory Form must be filled out by Council Officers and turned into the GSA Central Office, which will in turn make a copy for Student Government Accounting. The Signatory Form must, at a minimum, have the president and treasurer. All officers on the Signatory Form have the authority to sign requisitions on behalf of the Council.


The Forum Delegate Authorization Form must be filled out by the Forum Delegates and signed by both the Forum Delegate and the Council President. The Forum Delegate Authorization Form cannot be verified until the Signatory Form is on file with GSA (Step A) to verify the Council President's signature.


The Council Registration Form (Word doc) provides GSA with the contact information for the all Council officers and departmental representatives (departmental representatives are also considered Assembly representatives in the GSA Constitution). The departmental structure does not apply to some professional school councils, so in their case we ask for just the roster of council officers and board members. If the Council is having trouble contacting departmental representatives, it should contact the Student Affairs Officer of the department or contact the GSA central office for help.


The Council Annual Budget Allocation is calculated based on enrollment data and total fees collected. The Total Allocation is the sum of the current year budget allocation and last year's carry-over. A Council cannot carry money over more than one year and will lose money if it does not use its carry-over in a given year (please ask Student Government Accounting for more details on this).

Academic Councils must meet at least twice a quarter to approve council and departmental expenditures. It is the responsibility of the Councils to implement the redistribution of funds to departments. The departmental budget apportionments are based on enrollments, but the Council has complete authority over the entire budget and may reapportion funding and eligibility as long as departments are informed and represented according to the GSA Codes. It is also the joint responsibility of departments to make sure that they send a representative to Council meetings. If departments do not participate in Council meetings at a level deemed appropriate by the Council, they forfeit their rights to some or all of their portion of Council funds.

Student Government Accounting provides an online financial report for the GSA. Council pages are usually pages 6-18. If you have questions about the Council budget or account activity, please contact Student Government Accounting (Kerckhoff room 332).

Council Budget with Enrollment figures (Excel spreadsheet)


Reimbursement for Council and Departmental expenditures must follow the Requisition process set up by Student Government Accounting and followed by both Graduate Student Association and the Undergraduate Student Association Council. Please consult the following handouts and information to help you fill out Requisitions. If you do not know your Council's 21-digit code, you should contact the Council President or Treasurer.

  1. Basic Requisition Checklist
  2. GSA Spending Guidelines and Requisition FAQs
  3. Requisition Form (partial diagram)
  4. Line-by-Line Requisition Instructions
  5. Flow Chart of Requisition Processing
  6. Honorarium Sample Agreement with Instructions
  7. GSA Student Government Accounting handbook
  8. Special cases: permanent equipment (such as computers), T-shirts, other printed media, honoraria, and reimbursing University departments.


(common problems that slow down processing)


  1. be filled out completely.
  2. contain a contact email or phone (preferrably both).
  3. have two Council signatures (Who are my Council Signatories? List of signatories).
  4. be accompanied by the Council minutes showing that the expenditure was approved - both the payee's name, item, and amount. If an item is approved in advance, the estimate must be equal to or greater than the actual expenditure. Please highlight the requisition item in the minutes.
  5. have original receipts or proof of payment (if the requisition is for reimbursement) (What is proof of payment?). Please staple receipts and the Council minutes to the back of the requisition form.


Some requisitions require extra procedures and documents. Special cases include requisitions for permanent equipment (such as computers), T-shirts, other printed media, honoraria, and reimbursing University departments. See the Line-by-Line Instructions and the Student Government Accounting handbook for more details.


The GSA Internal Vice President signs complete requisitions and submits them to Student Government Accounting. Student Government Accounting processes checks and other payments within 1-2 weeks of receiving the requisition. Stop by Student Government Accounting (Kerckhoff 332) if you need further help or have questions about checks or payments. You can also see the GSA Student Government Accounting handbook for more details.