GSA Discretionary Fund Post Award Guidelines

Congratulations!!! Your event has been funded by the GSA Discretionary Fund. There are 3 methods to disburse your funds. Please read the following very carefully,
and pick the method that suits your project best.

1. Individual Reimbursement

Individuals may pay for certain event expenses out of pocket and get reimbursed later.
All reimbursements require original receipts. Photocopies are not acceptable.

2. Purchase Order/Invoice

To make an Internal (ASUCLA Computer Store ONLY) or External (Regents UC and all
other Outside Vendors) purchase that will be billed at a later date, an ASUCLA
Purchase Order must be issued to the vendor PRIOR to the EVENT.

How a Purchase Order is issued
Upon the receipt of your completed requisition (with explicit instructions), Student
Government Accounting will issue the Purchase Order to the vendor or we can hold the
Purchase Order for pick-up (please indicate in Section 8 of the requisition). The
issuance of the ASUCLA Purchase Order to the vendor confirms that all items and
details listed will be supplied and, in turn, be paid for by ASUCLA.

In most cases, once the vendor has received our Purchase Order by mail, he will mail the merchandise to the address listed on the Purchase Order or to your department,depending on any arrangements made by you (the student group contact person) with the vendor. If merchandise is shipped directly to your department, please make sure to bring the packing slip and/or invoice directly to Student Government
, this will ensure prompt payment to the vendor.

On the other hand, you may pick up the completed Purchase Order from Student
Government Accounting and take it to the vendor in person. Depending on your
arrangements with that vendor, you may pick up the goods/services at that time. If the
vendor gives you the original invoice please be sure to submit it to Student Government
Accounting for payment.

As you will see in the sample of a Purchase Order on the next page, we state, "To
avoid delayed payment, original invoice must reference the purchase order number above and be mailed to the following address:

Associated Students UCLA,
Student Government Accounting,
308 Westwood Plaza,
332 Kerckhoff Hall,
Los Angeles, CA., 90024-1640
(310) 825-3662

3. Cash Advance

GSA Cash Advance checks are issued on a number of occasions for a variety of
reasons. For example, if a student government official needs to purchase a number of
items at various off-campus locations for a related project or program. Student
Government Accounting will issue a check from a completed Requisition made payable
to the Individual or the Vendor (in which case the person authorized to pick-up the check will be responsible for returning the receipts).

To receive a Cash Advance check: complete a requisition form including the Payee(individual or vendor), a complete mailing address (including zip code), and telephone number. If the payee is an Individual, that person is responsible for returning the
receipts and/or the balance of the advance within two (2) weeks of the issuance of the
check. If the payee is a Vendor, the person authorized to pick-up the check (also
include your name and complete address in the comments/instructions box #14) is
responsible for returning the receipts and/or the balance of the advance within two (2)
weeks of the issuance of the check.

Cash Advance checks will not be mailed to the payee. It must be picked up in person at
the Student Government Accounting Office, 332 Kerckhoff Hall, during office hours 9:00
a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Receipts that qualify as support for expenditures must meet the following
specific criteria as established by ASUCLA and University auditors:

  • The Receipts must specify the name of the store where the purchases occurred.
  • The Receipt must provide a complete list of the purchased items.
  • The Receipt must indicate the date of the purchase.
  • The Receipt must be marked "Paid" by the vendor.
  • Cash Register receipts must list the items purchased next to the amounts.
  • Receipts must be those which the vendor normally issues during the course of
  • Xerox copies are not acceptable as support for expenditures.

Under extraordinary circumstances when receipts are lost or unobtainable, a written
verification letter from an independent Third party is acceptable. The statement must
include the goods purchased, or services rendered, the name of the event, date, and
the location of the event. This written statement must be co-signed by the appropriate
elected Officer, Program Director, or Council President
If original receipts and/or the unused balance of the check amount are not submitted
within the period specified, SGA will follow-up with letters and may place a HOLD on the
person's University records until the matter is cleared.

All funds disbursements require the completion of a General Requisition Form

Completing a General Requisition (REQ)

The REQ is divided into 15 numbered sections. You must complete each section that is
applicable to the expenditure and enter "N/A" in each section that is not applicable. The
REQ must be fully completed before it can be approved. Here is a brief description of
what information should be included in the different sections of the REQ:

  • Sec. 1: Fill in your name, your GSA affiliation, the date, and a telephone number where
    you can be reached in case of questions.
  • Sec. 2 Fill in the complete name, address, zip code/Campus Mail Code, and telephone
    number of the vendor or person to be paid/reimbursed.
  • Sec 3:This section will be completed by Student Government Accounting.
  • Sec 4: Fill in the name and the GSA department account number to which you want this
    expenditure charged.
  • Sec 5: If your completed REQ is to pay a performer for services rendered, enter the
    Social Security Number or the Tax I.D. number on this line.
  • Sec 6: This section will be completed by Student Government Accounting.
  • Sec 7:Mark the box for the appropriate action to be taken.The Purchase Order will be
    mailed to the vendor, who will, in turn, invoice Student Government Accounting for the
    goods or services rendered. Always ascertain if a purchase order is acceptable.
  • Sec 8: Mark the box for the appropriate action to be taken, authorized in Section 7. Be
    sure to enter a requested completion date. If the Check/Purchase Order is to be picked
    up, be sure to type the full name(s) of the authorized person(s) picking up the check.
  • Sec 9:Enter the appropriate quantity.
  • Sec 10: In this section, you must provide a complete and detailed description of the
    goods (itemized list), or services (include the event name, location, date, and event time) you are purchasing. On the "RE" line, fill in a one sentence summary of your purchase.
  • Sec 11: Enter the appropriate unit price and total price for each item you are
    purchasing. Be sure to subtotal the purchase, enter the 20% discount if applicable, and
    add the appropriate sales tax (8.25%), if applicable.
  • Sec 12: Enter the total amount of the purchase on this line.
  • Sec 13: This section will be completed by Student Government Accounting.
  • Sec 14: If there are any special comments or handling instructions, add them in this
  • Sec 15: Each commission should sign on the appropriate line and submit your REQ to
    an elected officer/Director of PAB Publications/PAB Programs/Melnitz Movies/Environmental Coalition/Council presidents.

Attached Documentation

Every REQ must have the proper documentation before payment can be authorized.
Examples of proper documentation are: the original receipts (photocopied receipts are
not acceptable), original invoice(s), original honorarium contracts (in some cases a
faxed copy will be accepted), or Council minutes that document a particular
expenditure. All documentation will be verified before any payment is made.

Obtaining Approval for the Requisition (REQ)

Once you have completed the REQ, leave it in the Director of Discretionary Funding’s
mailbox for a signature. The director of discretionary funding will review your requisition
sign it and Upon the receipt of your completed requisition the ASUCLA Student
Government Accounting Manager/Accountant will review your REQ for completeness
and validity of the attached documentation.

Checks are issued twice a week (Tuesday and Friday). If a check is to be issued on
Tuesday, SGA must receive a properly authorized requisition form by the previous
Friday no later than 5:00 pm. Also, if a check is to be issued on Friday, SGA must
receive a properly authorized requisition form by the previous Wednesday no later
than 5:00 pm. Thus, if you would like a check to be issued on a Tuesday, you must
turn in your requisition in the Dir. Of Discretionary Funding’s mailbox by the previous
Wednesday. Similarly, if you would like a check on a Friday, you must turn in your
requisition in the Dir. Of Discretionary Funding’s mail box by the previous Monday.

The requisition must state whether the check is to be Mailed or Picked-Up. If the check
is to be Mailed, please make sure that the name and address are legible and that the
zip code/mail code is included. If the check is to be Picked-Up, please list the name(s)
of the person authorized (a photo I.D. is required at the time of pick up).

Checks are available for pick-up on the Tuesday or Friday in which they were issued at
Student Government Accounting, 332 Kerckhoff Hall between 4:00p.m. and 5:00p.m.

Special Payments

Honorarium Payments:

Periodically a program will wish to contact a speaker or performer to appear at one of its
events. If the honorarium payment exceeds $99, a performance agreement/contract
(available in Student Government Accounting Office) must accompany the requisition.

The Performance Agreement/Contract must include the following information:

  • Name and complete address of performer (Post Office boxes are not acceptable)
  • Date, Time and Place of the performance
  • Agreed amount that the performer is to receive for their services
  • The performer's Social Security or Tax I.D. Number
  • The numbers 1-9 on the appropriate blank line, indicating that the performer has
    read paragraphs 1-9 on the back of the Agreement
  • The signature of the appropriate elected Officer, Program Director, or Council

The Performance Agreement must be signed by the performer or their authorized
representative prior to the performance. A requisition must be filled out with the same
information and submitted to Student Government Accounting, along with the
performance agreement in advance of the scheduled performance date. Student
Government Accounting liens the program's honorarium account for the amount and
submits the performance agreement to the Student Support Services Director for
signature. Only after the GSA Official and the Student Support Services Director
have signed the performance agreement is it legally binding Other oral or written
commitments purporting to bind ASUCLA or the University is not legally binding
and cannot be honored.

Upon the receipt of your completed requisition and Performance Agreement, the check
is drawn for the honorarium payment. According to your instructions, the check is either
mailed to the performer's address or held for pick-up at Student Government Accounting
Office, 332 Kerckhoff Hall. Checks are not released until the day closest to the
performance. If someone other than the payee is to pick-up the check, you must state
their name on the requisition (section 8).

Honorarium payments are made only by check and cannot be cashed on campus.

Parking Payments

If you would like to use your discretionary funding allocation for parking, you have to
turn in a requisition 5 business days prior to the day on which the parking permit will be
used. On your requistion you need to specify the following:

  1. Name of the individual using the parking permit
  2. Location of the event
  3. Which parking structure the permit will be used at.
  4. Date, and Time of the event (when would the parking permit be picked up at)
  5. On Section 2, write “UCLA Parking”

After your requistion is turned in to SGA by GSA staff, SGA will process the requisition
and reserve the parking permits for you. Please direct your guest, who is using the
parking permit, to the kiosk nearest the parking structure in which the permit was
purchased. Your guest will need to provide his/her name and the parking attendant will
give them their parking permits.

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