Critical Planning: UCLA Urban Planning Journal

Published Since: 1993

Critical Planning is the graduate student-run journal of the UCLA Urban Planning Department, producing one volume annually. The core mission of Critical Planning is to promote criticality and social justice. We are committed to doing this through:

• Advancing imaginative, nontraditional analyses and interpretations of contemporary issues.
• Encouraging scholars and practitioners to remain self-reflexive and critical of the status quo
• Seeking out works that elevate the voices of the underrepresented and explore new methods of empowering communities
• Connecting different groups and individuals to the larger global movement for social justice.

In pursuit of these ends, Critical Planning also seeks out new forms of knowledge and modes of representation. The journal is thus not only a space for planning scholars and practitioners, but also activists, artists, organizers and others who take “the city,” however defined, as their object of inquiry.

We believe that in order to improve cities--make them more livable, environmentally sustainable, and equitable--we must first create a forum for all voices to contribute their perspective and way of knowing. Through the publication of a variety of formats, including photo essays, fictional narratives, visual art, op-eds, as well as original academic research, we hope to depart from the traditional hierarchy of academic journals, and collapse the hapless divide between the University and the public.

Current Issue: The Future (Volume 20, Summer 2013)

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Critical Planning reaches an international subscriber base of urban planning scholars, students, practitioners, libraries, bookstores, and enthusiasts.

Critical Planning is supported by the UCLA Graduate Students Association, the Dean’s Office in the Luskin School of Public Affairs, the Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies, and the Urban Planning Department.

Editorial Collective

Rebecca Crane and Sean Kennedy, Managing Editors

Brady Collins
Ana Tapia
Doreen Zhao
Daniel Shockley
Lisa Berglund
Carole Turley
Zahra Mojtahedi
Amy Tzu-Yu chen
Alexis Cooke
Carolyn Abrams
Vincente Romero de Avila Serrano
Nicholas Lustig

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Critical Planning
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