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Mester is the literary journal of the graduate students of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of California, Los Angeles.

We are dedicated to publishing work that reflects the highest level of scholarship while pushing the limits of accepted views and convenient categories. Since 1970 we have built a reputation as one of the best student-run journals in North America, publishing articles by established scholars alongside the best work of graduate students

We publish critical articles, interviews and book reviews in the fields of Spanish, Portuguese, Spanish American, Brazilian and Chicano literature and linguistics. Mester also welcomes articles in Comparative Literature, Critical Theory and Cultural Studies. Submissions may be written in Spanish, Portuguese or English.

The journal is now published annually, and it is indexed in the MLA International Bibliography of Books and Articles on the Modern Languages and Literatures.

CALL FOR PAPERS 2014: "On Violence"

Submission Deadline: Friday, January 10th, 2014

Mester seeks papers for its 43rd issue to be released in 2014. Mester publishes critical articles, interviews, and book reviews in the fields of Spanish, Portuguese, Spanish-American, Brazilian, Latina/o and Chicana/o literatures, linguistics, and cultures.

Our upcoming volume will have two components: a general section, open to any topic related to the scope of the journal, and a special supplement entitled “On Violence.” The articles in the latter section may address cinematic, artistic, or literary representations and implications of violence within a variety of historical, geographical, and social contexts. Potential topics include, but are not limited to: the struggle among Moors, Jews, and Christians in the Iberian Peninsula; the conquest of the Americas; the wars of independence; the institution of slavery; the Mexican Revolution; the Spanish Civil War; the Portuguese Colonial War; the guerra sucia in the Southern Cone; the internal armed conflict in Peru; the drug wars in Colombia and Mexico; and dictatorial regimes in the Luso-Hispanic world; among other themes. Additionally, Mester welcomes manuscripts about gender violence, human rights, resistance to violence, and other interpretations of the topic.

With “On Violence,” Mester also wishes to explore instances of linguistic oppression of minority languages, for instance, studies of the consequences of Proposition 227 in California, state campaigns against Catalan and Euskera during Franco’s dictatorship, or the struggles of indigenous movements to preserve Quechua in the face of the dominance of Spanish in Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia, as well as other possible themes.

Mester encourages article submissions from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives and academic orientations, such as Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Comparative Literature, Film Studies, Ecocriticism, Transatlantic Studies, Trauma Studies, Memory Studies, etc.

Articles may be written in Spanish, Portuguese or English. Publication decisions are based solely on the quality of the submissions, which undergo a triple-blind review. For further information on our guidelines for manuscripts to be considered for publication, please see our website:

Texts must be submitted electronically via eScholarship:

Please forward any questions to: Rafael Ramírez Mendoza, Editor-in-Chief,

Download a copy of the Call for Papers:

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2013-2014 Editorial Board


    Rafael Ramírez Mendoza


    Lourdes Arévalo
    Carolina Beltrán
    Franny Brogan
    Allison Carlisle
    Adrián Collado
    Nitzaira Delgado
    Barbara Galindo
    Francesca Gambini
    Armando Guerrero
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    Juan Jesús Payán
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    JyEun Son
    Elizabeth Warren
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    Daniel Whitesell

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    Maarten van Delden

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    Sandra Ruiz

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    Daniel Whitesell
    Inês Dias
    Isabel Gomes
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    Kevin McDonald
    Michael Weinberg
    Rafael Ramírez

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    Armando Guerrero
    Franscesca Gambina
    Franny Brogan
    Gracia Jyeun Son
    Jessica Gordon-Bourroughs
    Julio Puente García
    Kristal R. Bivona
    Yvette Martínez-Vu

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    Brenda Ortiz-Loyola, Editor-in-Chief

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    Anamaría Buzatu
    Jhonni Carr
    Vanessa Fernández
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    Bryan Kirschen
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    Sandra Ruiz

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    Ines Dias
    Isabel Gómez
    Kevin McDonald
    Rafael Ramirez
    Michael Weinberg
    Dan Whitesell

2009-2010 Editorial Board

    Gabriela Venegas, Editor-in-Chief
    Covadonga Lamar Prieto
    Brenda Ortiz-Loyola
    Victoria Garrett
    Rachel VanWieren
    Marie Enright
    Susannah R. Drissi
    Wanderley Reis da Silva
    Bethany Beyer
    Hilary Danailova
    Moira Nardi
    Michael Weinberg
    Vanessa Fernández


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