Paroles Gelées

Published Since: 1983

Paroles Gelées was established in 1983 by its founding editor, Kathryn Bailey. The journal is managed and edited by the French Graduate Students Association; fully funded by the UCLA Graduate Students Association; and published annually under the auspices of the UCLA Department of French and Francophone Studies.


Chief Editors
Michelle Bumatay
Katelyn Knox

Latest Issue: Volume 26, Issue 1

This issue is available both for free as an Open Access publication on eScholarship and for purchase through UC Press.


Michelle Bumatay & Katelyn Knox

Modern Transitions in 19th Century Paris: Baudelaire and Renoir

Karen Turman

Petite hantologie du surréalisme: la part de l’ombre de la Ville-Lumière
Ophélie Chavaroche

“Under a Foreign Sky:” Place and Displacement in James Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room

Re-Branding Post 1945 Paris: Exhibiting Powers and Contemporary Art

Elisabeth Tiso

Spectacular Paris: Representations of Nostalgia and Desire
Kate Lawrie Van de Ven


ISSN: 1094-7264

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