The Mental Note

Published Since: 2009

The Mental Note: A UCLA newsletter devoted to the science of the brain

"Let's Get Mental!" The Mental Note is a UCLA newsletter devoted to the science of the brain. We are run by graduate students from the Interdepartmental Ph.D. programs in Neuroscience, Neurobiology, Neuroengineering, and Psychology. We are supported by UCLA's Brain Research Institute and the Publications Division of UCLA's Graduate Students Association. We address a wide audience, from professors, post-docs, and graduate students to undergrads and other individuals who are interested in the brain.

The Mental Note features:

  • Articles relating to brain sciences, featuring current research at UCLA and beyond
  • information about new brainy technologies
  • Science and Academia comics
  • Highlights of brain research at UCLA and beyond
  • News about science-related events at UCLA
  • An up-to-date online Google calendar of lectures and other events at UCLA
  • Room for lively commentary
  • Staff

    Ray Luo
    Ph.D. candidate, Neuroscience

    Managing Editor
    Laurel Martin-Harris
    Ph.D. candidate, Neuroscience

    Design Editor
    Ruyi Huang
    Ph.D. candidate, Neuroscience

    Online Media Editor
    Sarah Hersman
    Ph.D. candidate, Neuroscience

    Contributing Editor
    Aida Attar
    Ph.D. candidate, Neuroscience

    Contributing Editor
    Vivy Tran
    Undergraduate, Integrative Biology and Physiology

    Patrick Chen
    Ph.D. candidate, Neuroscience

    Founding Editor
    Dr. Angela Rizk-Jackson
    Ph.D. in Neuroscience and Neuroengineering

    Comics by Nick D. Kim, (used with permission)


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    The Mental Note launched its inaugural issue in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of UCLA's Brain Research Institute on December 4, 2009. Dario Ringach, PhD, Professor of Neurobiology and Psychology, UCLA hailed The Mental Note's debut as "Terrific! Hopefully this will...serve to educate others on general Neuroscience topics in an entertaining way."

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